54 Political Language Translations

CampaignBribery Invitation

LobbyBribery Offer

New LegislationAccepted Bribe

PromiseFat Chance /When Pigs Fly

ClassifiedIncriminating Shit

RedactHide Incriminating Shit

National SecurityExcuse to Hide Incriminating Shit

National InterestOthers Peoples Shit Targeted for Theft

RepublicansPolitical Bloods

DemocratsPolitical Crips

TroopsGovernment Hitmen

VeteranRetired Government Hitman

HelpN/A /Trojan Horse

MoralsN/A /Gibberish

American ValuesSanctioned Crimes

ThreatMade Up Shit /War Crime Excuse

LiberateAttack /Invade /Mass Murder

TerroristResistor /Patsy/Patriot

Terrorist AttackFalse Flag /Patriotic Act

EnemiesNon-Submissive /Resistor/Whistleblower/Potential Victims

InsurgentsNon-Submissive -Resistant Combatants /Inter. Invasion Victims

CasualtiesInnocent Victims (mostly women & children)

SecureSeize /Confiscate /Steal

VotingN/A /Imaginary Choice (see illusion)

ElectionsRigged System (see illusion)

Tax BreakMolestation of Poor /Party for Rich

Tax CutFull Penetration of Poor / Orgy for Rich

Income TaxIndividual Raping/Perpetual Theft of Citizens

I.R.S.Involuntary Rape System


99%Victims of Rapists

Tax IncentiveMolestation Excuse

Political IncentiveRape Excuse

Corporate IncentiveSodomy Excuse

Conspiracy TheoryLikely Fact

Conspiracy TheoristWhistleblower

Illegal AliensFormer Owners /Misc. Minorities

Law & OrderN/A /Government Abuse & Self Preservation

ImmunityGovernment Self Pardon

Far RightExtreme Racist

Alt RightConfused Racist

CriminalsCitizens Without Immunity

Violent GroupsPeaceful Protesters

White HomelandStolen Country

American HistoryPropagandous Bullshit /Fake News

Founding FathersFreedom Loving Slave Owners /Career Lawyers & Politicians

Intelligence NetworkSpy Ring /Fake News Source

Peaceful ResolutionForced Submission

Defend FreedomTerrorize & Deny Others Freedom

Freedom Of InformationExtremely Limited Access/Freedom to Redact

Constitution — N/A /(see Articles of Incorporation & Perpetual Union)

Federal Constitution — Bankruptcy Compact Disguised as Constitution

C.I.A. Criminal Enterprise /Sophisticated Spy Ring /International Gun & Drug Traffickers (see Israeli puppet)

F.B.I.Criminal Enterprise /Domestic Terror Network Disguised as Law Enforcement (fights competition)




i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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izraul hidashi

izraul hidashi

i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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