55 Common Political Language Translations

CampaignBribery Invitation

LobbyBribery Offer

New LegislationAccepted Bribe

PromiseFat Chance /When Pigs Fly

ClassifiedIncriminating Shit

RedactHide Incriminating Shit

National SecurityExcuse to Withhold Incriminating Shit

National InterestOthers Peoples Shit /Targeted for Theft

RepublicansPolitical Bloods

DemocratsPolitical Crips

TroopsGovernment Hitmen

VeteranRetired Government Hitman

HelpN/A /Trojan Horse

MoralsN/A /Gibberish

American ValuesSanctioned Crimes

ThreatMade Up Shit /War Crime Excuse

LiberateAttack /Invade /Mass Murder

TerroristResistor /Patsy

Terrorist AttackFalse Flag /Invasion Excuse

EnemiesNon-Submissive /Potential Victims

InsurgentsNon-Submissive Combatants /International Home Invasion Victims

CasualtiesInnocent Victims (mostly women & children)

SecureSeize /Confiscate /Steal

VotingN/A /Imaginary Choice

ElectionsRigged System

Tax BreakMolestation /Party for Rich

Tax CutFull Penetration / Orgy for Rich

Income TaxInvoluntary Rape System /Perpetual Theft

I.R.S.Individual Rape /Sodomy Servicers

1%Rapists /Sodomizers

99%Rape /Sodomy Victims

Tax IncentivesMolestation Excuses

Political IncentivesRape Excuses

Corporate IncentivesSodomy Excuses

Conspiracy TheoryLikely Fact

Conspiracy TheoristWhistleblower

Illegal AliensFormer Owners /Misc. Minorities

Law & OrderN/A /Government Self Preservation

ImmunityGovernment Self Pardon

Fine PeopleHate Groups /Racist Protesters /White Extremists

Far RightExtreme Racist

Alt RightConfused Racist

CriminalsBlacks /Mexicans /Misc. Non-Whites

Violent GroupsPeaceful Protesters

White HomelandStolen Country

American HistoryPropagandous Bullshit /Fake News

Founding FathersFreedom Loving Slave Owners /Career Lawyers & Politicians

Intelligence NetworkSpy Ring /Fake News Source

Peaceful ResolutionForced Submission

Defend FreedomTerrorize Others /Deny Freedom

Freedom Of InformationVery Limited Access

Constitution — N/A /(see Articles of Incorporation & Perpetual Union)

Federal Constitution — Bankruptcy Compact Disguised as Constitution

C.I.A. International Criminal Enterprise /Sophisticated Spy Ring /Gun & Drug Traffickers (see Israeli puppet)

F.B.I.Domestic Criminal Enterprise /Terror Network Disguised as Law Enforcement (fights competition)

Young Freedom Fighter with a Rusty Ass Gauge