Ignoring The Evidence That Proves 9/11 Was A Conspiracy Won’t End Well

The Bizarre Lies by So-called Experts at Popular Mechanics and by Government Officials Point to Bigger Problems That Include More False Flag Terrorism

Another 9/11 anniversary has come and gone while many questions still linger, as they should, since the real culprits are still walking free. It doesn’t matter what we think. It only matters that facts are being suppressed by people in positions of trust, like the media and government. And that should be a huge red flag for all of us, the American people.

We have alleged professionals trying to convince us that kerosene roof fires brought down two skyscrapers. That is one of the more blatantly odd lies being told to people who actually believe it. For any so called expert to claim that nonsense is appalling. It shows just how far this conspiracy reaches, and it indicates a much larger problem in our country.

If we continue to ignore the evidence the criminals will remain free. If we allow them to remain free, they can continue on working towards whatever sinister goal they desire to achieve. We can prove that point by using past incidents committed by the same people that were also ignored.

In my opinion, the Oklahoma City bombing was a test run for 9/11. The story of McVeigh using a fertilizer bomb in the back of a Ryder truck is the same type of nonsense we’ve been told about 9/11. The damage in Oklahoma was not from a fertilizer bomb. The real story was reported by the news networks that morning and concerned three other larger bombs found inside the building. Those bombs had to be diffused.

I remember watching that live when it happened. Then all of the news networks suddenly stopped talking about the other bombs inside the building and started focusing on the McVeigh aspect. Why would the news stop addressing such an important part of the story when the other bombs are probably the most important part aspect of the whole situation? Because that’s how a criminal government works.

They know the average citizens are gullible sheep who will believe whatever nonsense they hear on the news, and so they avoid those issues. And just in case one some of the sheep are really wolves that can’t be fooled, they work hard to suppress the information to keep the wolves at bay by manipulating internet algorithms to make the information harder to find.

Luckily the wolves can easily smell blood…

Here’s the actual news footage from that morning. It’s all the evidence people needed to see through the lies and push for another investigation.


Those other bombs were much larger than than the ones which blew the whole face off the building and damaged surrounding property and cars. If

The whole reason for the story of McVeigh using a truck bomb was to portray he couldn’t get inside of that federal building with a bomb. Yet multiple bombs were found inside that federal building. A federal building! Meaning McVeigh couldn’t have been responsible unless he was an agent, because only federal agents could have bypassed the security measures to get multiple bombs inside that federal building. And who else could take the time needed to rig them without drawing any attention or suspicion?

The same thing with 9/11. The story of 19 Muslim hijackers is pure nonsense.

The evidence for bombs in the towers is in the FEMA report section regarding human remains, which were found as far as 1,300 feet from ground zero. It’s the smoking gun that destroys the whole official story.

Only 2,000 of the 3,000 victims were identified, while the other 1,000 simply vanished. Vaporized! The 2,000 identified victims were in the collection of 21,000 tiny pieces of human remains that somehow ended up in locations that were about the distance of 4 football fields from ground zero. Like multiple bombs found inside the federal building in Oklahoma, it’s the evidence that proves bombs were used in the towers on 9/11.

Anyone who can’t see that is severely dense, not to mention logically and educationally challenged. If it were a gravitational collapse, as the official story claims, then 3,000 victims would have been crushed, with all 3,000 being found.

Gravity isn’t a force that blow objects into tiny pieces. It doesn’t hurl objects outward 1,000 feet. Not 100 feet. Not even 10 feet. Gravity is a force that pulls objects down.

It’s clear why the media and so-called experts want to completely ignore, and try to suppress, that information. Those are the things that prove we have a serious problem on our hands.

It’s obvious our government isn’t in the business of protecting or helping us. Even if they wanted to, which they don’t, could they? The fact all these people have gone to such great lengths to murder, abuse and violate our rights, freedom and trust for their own selfish benefit is scary shit.

Alarm bells should be ringing off the hook for us. Worse, social media sites are trying to help them by intentionally creating algorithms that target the mention of these things.

Why would Americans do that? Because Americans are obsessed with money. And the people who don’t want the truth getting out have money. Sick demented people who have been looting this country not only believe they have the right to murder, steal and lie, but to invade our privacy, spy and keep us real information from us.

A society that believes shit like the jet fuel story, the moon landings, and a million other lies about our history, our health and our beginnings is exactly why we have a society full of ignorant ass people who wouldn’t know the truth if it was slapped across their face. It’s demeaning. And it’s all too appease a few greedy selfish pieces of human trash.

Anyone who pushes the jet fuel story is a shill helping the conspirators. The real masterminds are free. They have even more confidence in their ability to get away with doing things much worse because they know they can get away with it by telling ridiculous lies. That’s why they don’t care about poisoning us with fluoride, pesticides, corn syrup and whatever else can make people dull in the senses.

How can we, as a people, not care enough about ourselves and our loved ones to do something about that? How can we, as Americans, allow the real terrorists to escape punishment for their treasonous crimes against us and our country? How can we, as a society not care that people who took an oath to protect our rights and freedom refuse to lift a finger to help us, and instead actively work against us by helping to protect the real criminals?

The FBI’s actions to confiscate and hide evidence to protect the traitors at the Pentagon can only mean they’ve been comprised as an American agency. Some one, or some group, is in a position to give agents orders and utilize our own law enforcement agencies against us. To harm and destroy us.

These agents following orders don’t care or don’t understand what’s going on. There’s a line between lawful orders and crime that’s been blurred somehow, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if it had something to with hypnosis.

Our government has spent billions of dollars of our money to experiment with mind control. The idea of controlling everything from weather to our minds isn’t normal. And I can guarantee it isn’t for peaceful purposes. Our leaders have had been more focused on weaponizing everything in the world rather than creating things to help it.

Something as simple as our phones was turned into a way for them to spy and track. That’s why you can’t take the battery out of your phone anymore. That was the only way you can shut the spying capabilities down. Even if you turned your off, they had the ability to listen to your conversations and track you. Taking your battery solved the issue. They paid the phone manufacturers to seal the batteries. It’s all about control, and it’s getting worse by the year.

Now they want to control the information flow on the internet. That’s the real reason media companies took away the comment sections. Too many people were undermining their lies.

They work hard to make people stupid and gullible. Look how many people heard the word “jet fuel” and automatically believed the story. Jet fuel is kerosene, the fuel used in steel camping lamps and portable stoves that never melt or collapse. Jet fuel fire isn’t any worse than normal fire, and neither is capable of melting industrial size steel frames or beams.

But I saw a video on youtube where a Blacksmith used rebar to prove fire can melt steel. How can you debunk that?”

A guy sticks a piece of rebar, which is basically a coat hanger, in fire to bend it, and everyone was amazed. That would make perfect sense if buildings were made of fucking coat hangers, but they’re not. Let’s see him try it with an industrial size steel beam, one preferably surrounded by a ton of concrete for authenticity. Then I can assure you it would turn out different.

But do we really need anyone to show us things that should be common sense? The answer unfortunately seems to be yes. People have become that dumb.

Just think about all the things that would happen if jet fuel was actually capable of melting (or weakening) industrial steel. Planes would fall out of the damn sky. Camping lamps and stoves would melt.

But let’s just say jet fuel could melt steel. There’s still a problem. The fires in the towers were at the top, not the bottom, of the buildings. They were essentially roof fires. The towers were 110 stories of solid concrete and steel. The fires only burned a couple of floors at the top. Even if the top 20 floors had burned, how could the 90 floors of steel below it weaken enough for the whole building to buckle at free fall speed? It couldn’t. It wouldn’t.

But the fire didn’t need to weaken the steel below. It only had to weaken the top 15 floors, which then caused the top floors to pancake and crush the other 95.”

Yeah…that’s really not how physics works. Even if the whole upper half had weakened, there still wouldn’t be enough momentum or kinetic energy to crush the lower half. Fire doesn’t add weight, it lessens it.

If the top 15 floors of 110 story building weighed more than than the bottom 95 floors, then the building itself wouldn’t last long. But it still wouldn’t be able to crush all 95 floors. They would need to build speed for the impact to crush floors below. And it still wouldn’t crush the whole building as if it didn’t exist.

All the floors after the first 5 or 10 would start to yield enough of the energy to slow down the impacts with each passing floor, until eventually stopping or tipping over, leaving a little more or less than half of the buildings remaining floors intact. Possibly half or quarter of those undamaged.

The towers were built to withstand a significant amount of force and damage. If simple roof fires were enough to have caused their collapse, then the weight of having thousands of people alone would have brought them down a long time ago.

What the so-called experts have said goes against the nature and laws of physics. The lies have been so absurd that real engineers and scientists that don’t work for the government have formed their own groups to demand a real investigation by real experts. Simply because they know for a fact that the official narrative is bullshit.

To know the above and then read what Popular Mechanics wrote about 9/11 is beyond surreal. It’s bat shit crazy that anyone at Popular Mechanics could even think, let alone imply, that roof fires can collapse skyscrapers. It’s a flat out lie that they supported. Why? Who owns them? Why would they ignore the truth?

When a building collapses, the result is a giant pile of rubble. They don’t vanish into thin air and leave nothing but clouds of pulverized dust.

Hmmm. Who say’s buildings have to become rubble…?

The laws of reality, that’s who.

Buildings don’t just vanish if they suffer damage or get destroyed. Just like humans don’t vanish when they die. All the physical material like concrete and steel will still exist, like our bones when we die still exist. Even if you burn a human body, there will always be bone and ash left behind. Buildings have burned for 24 hours with their structures left intact.

Fires don’t disappear buildings

110 story building would leave a large rubble pile at least 20 to 30 stories high. In real a collapse, chunks of the building would crumble down into piles of rock and mangled steel. What we saw in New York wasn’t the collapse of 110 story buildings. Something else turned them into piles of pulverized dust from the top down.

Below is a comparison of a building collapsing on the top. The bottom is not a collapse. The fact anyone could be dumb enough to even try arguing about it speaks volumes about the dumbing down of our country.

Whoever is responsible for making people that dumb deserves a lifetime achievement award.

Building Collapse vs Building Explosion

I don’t know… isn’t it possible that jet fuel could have melted the building away?”

Um, no! That’s not a thing. Maybe I can better explain all this in a simple diagram.

Diagram showing roof fire cannot cause a building to collapse

It’s just a fact of life that when buildings fall down they have no where to go. If they could disappear easily then there would be no need for clean up crews.

Another fact of life…, fires need oxygen to burn. The only fires that day were at the top of the two towers (before someone intentionally lit building 7). The 2 roof fires could have never survived the buildings destruction because of the extreme amounts of dust that the building materials produced.

So the question everyone should have, and still should be asking is…

How did two small roof fires survive the 500,000 tons of oxygen smothering dust that the buildings were turned into?”

Notice where the fire was below on the left and look at the right. No fire could have survived that.

Invincible Fire

Also notice the perfectly straight line burning around the top. That happened in both buildings. Fires doesn’t burn like that. Not naturally. That can only happen with some type of controlled device. And that device exists.

The device is called a linear charge (or cutter charge). Its purpose is to cut through steel with thermite, and are heavily used in the demolition of buildings.

Cutter charge being placed across industrial steel frame

There’s no point beating around the bush… someone rigged charges to cut through the steel frames around the tops of the towers. The reason is obvious. To cut the top so it would look like it crushed the rest of the building. That was the only way to at least make it look somewhat believable. Honestly, I’m amazed it worked to fool millions of people because without the required momentum, energy, inertia and mass, the top couldn’t crush the undamaged portions. Not without the help of explosives and cutter charges.

Proof cutter charges were used in the towers on 9/11

Above is actual evidence that cutter charges were used to slice through the steel beams that made up the frame.

Below is evidence showing the cutter charges slice the steel corner beams right before the demo charges detonate their way down the building. The two bright jet flames on the right side is the thermite cutting through the frame. What looks like hundreds of tiny camera flashes are produced by the demo charges as they work their way down the building. Also notice the huge amount of force being exerted outward. That’s not gravity!

Evidence of demolition/cutter charges used in the towers

Another important thing to note is if the fires were hot enough to melt or weaken the steel frames, as claimed, then all the people we saw hanging out of windows would never have lived long enough to make it that far.

There’s no question explosives were used. Ask any professional demo team and they’ll confirm everything I just said.

Anyone who participates in covering up that truth is guilty of treason and aiding & abetting terrorism. There is no statute of limitations on murder, and the penalty for treason is still death. The murder of 3,000 innocent people alone warrants the real culprits execution.

The fact is, there is far more evidence pointing to a conspiracy than there is evidence of governments claims. They know Muslims had nothing to do with this attack, but they still detained and systematically tortured innocent people anyway in attempts to learn anything they could. It’s no different than Nazi’s

What kind of people work in our government? Agents who would attack and murder its own citizens in staged terror events then round up innocent people to torture is the same horrific type of behavior we pretend to fight. How can we point fingers at or call anyone else evil dictators and terrorists?

If you’re wondering about the torture I’m speaking of, you can read it for yourself below. But be warned… the details are extremely graphic, cruel and disturbing. To know people are capable of such despicable acts against human decency and they are in positions of power right here in America instead of jail like anyone else who would do those things is gut wrenching. Those involved deserve nothing but the same.


If the above wasn’t disturb enough for you then just think about the fact that you or any other innocent person you love could easily become one of those victims.

It’s worth mentioning that the real culprits behind these atrocities and the attacks are Zionists in control our government through the act of lobbying (political language for bribery). That should scare Americans into thinking. The threats from those terrorists are real, and it should be our greatest cause for concern. Not just here in America but around the world.

Nobody can make false accusations when there’s real evidence to back up the crimes, which is why Bush acted so quickly to destroy as much evidence as he could. But it still wasn’t enough.

The 5 dancing Israeli’s (Mossad agents) who were celebrating the attacks and have little in the way of moral decency were proud enough to admit their involvement on Israeli t.v. Their statements serve as more proof that 9/11 was a premeditated conspiracy of treasonous terrorists in collusion with a foreign enemy. You can watch them admit it here.


Another damning piece of evidence is the “Patriot Act” itself. Over 300 pages of new unconstitutional legislation that Bush tried to pretend was drafted in 3 weeks. Bullshit. Our government couldn’t wipe their asses in 3 weeks. That document had to take at least a year to draft, which is evidence of per-meditation.

Larry Silverstien, the man who owned the towers and ate breakfast with his daughter every morning at the towers, except for the day of 9/11, purchased terrorist insurance 6 weeks before the attacks. That should have warranted an investigation. Then he doubled it just days before. Afterwards he claimed the attacks were two separate events and was awarded billions of dollars that he gave to the real terrorists, Israel.

What most people don’t know is that he already drafted plans for a new WTC complex a year before. Then he allowed Israeli art students that turned out to be Mossad bomb experts live in the towers for 1 year rent free, on the 91st floor with 24 hour access. The purpose they claim was for an art project. What was that art project? Rigging the building with fuses to write the “E-Team” in lights.

But not just anywhere… remember the perfectly straight line of fire I mentioned earlier?

The Israeli Explosive Team art project

Even without all this other evidence, the one fact that proves beyond doubt explosives were used in the towers is the 2,000 people turned into 20,000 tiny pieces of human remains, for which no other plausible explanation exists.

No nonsensical story or lie can account for or justify any objects being hurled that distance. Especially when the lies revolve around an alleged gravitational collapse. Gravity is a force that pulls objects down.

Trying to claim gravity did that is an insult to the victims, their families, and whatever intelligence is still left in this country.

Some people have claimed “No cars were torched on 9/11.” Yeah, because that would be crazy, right? Can you imagine if hundreds of cars parked up to 5 blocked away spontaneously combusted because buildings fell down?

See the red dot in the upper left of the map below? How could anyone explain the reason for cars catching fire at that distance? Clearly it happened.

If torched isn’t an appropriate word, I don’t know what is…

According to the debunkers of Metabunk, “the car fires were simply a result of burning debris from the towers.

Really… before or after they collapsed?

Truly amazing jet fuel fires survived all that dust, burn cars up to 5 blocks away, and then burned for 3 months. Does that make sense? That’s what the so called experts and self proclaimed scientists are trying to push.

Look at the photo below. It’s like a giant fire extinguisher surrounding building 7. How could anything have caught fire after that?

That giant dust cloud was a fire extinguisher that should have smothered any and all fires. Yet somehow fire was able to spread and burn for over 100 days (3 months), after collapsing 2 giant skyscrapers, and a third building which wasn’t even hit, WTC 7.

Now consider the fact that all those things could only happen as result of bombs. Is that really too far fetched to assume? That the presence of demo charges, which were caught on camera, might actually have attributed to the very real destruction of a quarter of New York city, not camping fuel.

Flashes can be seen on videos of building 7. CNN’s coverage, which had to be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, has 53 visible demo flashes. When confronted with that evidence on Metabunk, the shills went into overdrive and claimed the flashes were part of the fires, then erased the posts. Somehow what we can see with our own eyes isn’t what happened.

No demolition charges at all, right? Let’s look from another angle.

Did you see the right hand side? No? Probably because it’s so hard to see due the pictures being made so small.

But the larger the screen you watch it on the more visible the charges become. There’s definitely some demo flashing going on. Let’s look from another angle.

Definitely demolition charges.

Yeah…okay. Maybe you’re right, maybe not. So what. Who cares? It happened over 20 years ago. It doesn’t matter anymore, right?”

Were it really not that important, I myself would be sick of hearing about it. But I understand why it’s so important. To some it doesn’t matter until another one happens again. Then emotions run hot, again. But whose fault would it be next time? Us for doing nothing about it this time.

How serious did we actually take it?

How many people knew at least 30 reports of missiles were being shot from the Woolworth building that day? “Missiles! And the reports came mostly from firemen & police, more than civilians.

Could that many eyewitnesses be mistaken? Sure, it’s possible. But we can see something on a live news footage that corroborates all the witness accounts. What looks like missiles being fired from the Woolworth building.

Again, hard to see because the pictures for those events have been made smaller. But look what happens when you zoom in. Without a doubt some type of objects were being fired.


Here is the video link in case the GIF gets messed up again. https://youtu.be/i-aAT7k2EXw

As humans and Americans, we need to do something. For us to make such a big deal about 9/11 when it happened then fight among ourselves for 10 years, only to grow sick and tired of hearing about it makes no sense. What makes it worse is we have real evidence just sitting there in front of our faces.

One other thing I could have never imagined doing as an adult is having to explain to other grown ups that plane crashes don’t slice walls perfectly straight.

All the evidence we need to convict the real culprits has been there the whole time. And very few of it still is. It’s disappearing from the internet and no one is noticing. We have everything we need to assure justice is served and the real killers pay for their crimes. Yet we do nothing, except sit around and hope it never happens again. In reality, we’re just waiting for the next one.

If a serial killer murdered 3,000 people in your city and was never caught, would you say “So what? It happened 20 years ago. It doesn’t matter.”? Would you feel comfortable knowing a sick individual who murdered 3,000 innocent people is living free in your town? Could anyone really live with knowing the next victims could be a loved one at anytime? And whose fault would that be?

There’s a 99.9% chance that these sick individuals, who surely by now feel invincible and unstoppable, will strike again. And we have the evidence to do something about it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not comfortable with that.

People made a big deal about O.J. Simpson because they felt he got away with murdering 2 people.

These people murdered 3,000 innocent people that day, and all the people who died after, and are still dying. And the people responsible are enjoying themselves while still living among us, free to do it again. And they will do it again. You can trust and believe that shit if nothing else.




i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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izraul hidashi

izraul hidashi

i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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