10 Good Reasons Not to Trust the Vaccine or the Government

Remember when Covid first started and everything we were told in the beginning turned out not to be true?

Don’t worry, Covid isn’t airborne.” Or how about when they said “Kids are safe because Covid doesn’t effect them” and “It’s only fatal to old people over 60.

Covid was clearly airborne, kids are now in danger, and though senior citizens were supposedly being found dead in assisted living facilities around the country, it ended up effecting everyone… allegedly.

I say “allegedly” because there really hasn’t been any real proof for all of these things, except what the news reports. But for most people it’s all they needed to believe them true. And after so much of the original information turned out to be wrong, they still do.

Some unknown virus had us locking ourselves up in our homes like timid little prisoners, too scared to go outside for fear of instant death. Millions of families were forced to suffer the mental anguish of possibly dying apart in seclusion all because of overly exaggerated information.

In reality, all the fear inducing hype about Covid being a super deadly virus isn’t even close to the truth.

It’s hard to imagine so much irresponsible handling of such an important type of emergency when you consider how much information our government is always hiding from us over fears of causing panic. You’d think they’d do what they always do…, down play, not exaggerate such a fear inducing issue.

That doesn’t add up, and when things don’t add up with our government it’s usually because the wrong math is being used.

For example, explaining all the changes in information using normal math would be something like, “Covid was much too new for anyone to know enough about it in the beginning,” right? A simple explanation that requires no real thinking at all. Except Covid wasn’t new.

Research began in the late 70’s as part of a study to recreate pandemic type mutations of synthesized flu viruses. In the 80’s, Dr. Fauci received millions in grant money for his Covid research in Wuhan, China. And the fact that our media had Dr. Fauci, an actual Covid expert, on hand, left no excuse to provide false, unknown or misleading information.

There’s no room for mistakes regarding things of that magnitude. The only information that has stayed consistent is the ability to “wash our hands and wear a mask” to stop the spread.

All we heard was, “Please help stop the spread of Covid by washing your hands and wearing a mask.” And we did…, surviving all that time without a vaccine.

So if washing our hands and wearing a mask works to stop the spread, why the sudden need for everyone to be vaccinated? Has hand washing & mask wearing stopped working? Or is that something else they were wrong about too?

It doesn’t make sense, or maybe it does. It just depends on what math you use. With the right math, it can, will, and does make perfect sense.

So let’s set this straight now. Our media and government habitually lie about everything. That’s a fact. So if they were wrong about the initial information they gave us, the question is, “was it intentional or unintentional?”

Another question would be, “Why should anyone be expected to trust habitual liars that always get things wrong?” Does that really seem like the responsible thing to do?

Personally, I wouldn’t allow a habitual lying, mass murdering, deceitful person to stick me with anything, let alone something that might potentially be more dangerous than the flu itself. To me, that seems way more risky and dangerous than catching a flu.

In my time I’ve learned a few things, like you can’t trust the American businesses, government, corporations or drug companies. Especially when they refuse to take legal responsibility for any possible damage that might occur due to their own unintentional mistakes (or intentional lies).

Those people have gotten rich from their lies and deceptions. Plus they never offer anything for free, or at least not without a catch. But when they try to force something that’s also free, then it should be a huge red flag.

Americas situation has continuously become worse since 9/11 because of people who can’t see red flags. Mass gullibility has done more damage to our society than any terrorist could dream. It seems the majority of Americans lost their ability to think logically because they’re too busy calling others names.

Think about it. If you take the vaccine and you’re still being told that you’re in danger, then why would you expect anyone else to take it?

If you’re in danger from not taking it, and still in danger after taking it, then what’s the point? If it isn’t working for you, why would it work for anybody else?

Nobody has to explain why they choose not to vaccinate, but I will. I’m going to provide some of the best reasons you’ll ever hear in hopes that others can and will understand why none of us should trust our media or our government.

I’m not telling anyone what to do, or what they should or shouldn’t do, because that’s not my place.

I don’t know what someone can or cannot take. What kind asshole presumes to know what is or isn’t safe for others? You wouldn’t force peanuts on someone who might be allergic to them without knowing, would you? If yes, you might be a narcissistic asshole. Just saying.

Anyway, let’s get to the 10 reasons, which I call “red flags.”

Red Flag #1 Government Calling Covid a Deadly Pandemic To Instill Fear

Let’s be real. The above is what a real deadly pandemic would look like. How many dead people did you seen in the streets? Not one.

But that is exactly what a real deadly pandemic would look like. Reporting a bunch of numbers in the media is not actual proof of a pandemic. The media is lying, and they lie a lot, as you’ll soon see.

Furthermore, the ability to stop the spread of deadly diseases will not include washing hands and wearing masks. We’re talking about a deadly pandemic, not germs. We wouldn’t be able to avoid a deadly pandemic that easy.

The media’s decision to call this a deadly pandemic is irresponsible and highly suspicious. It makes no sense at all, or maybe it makes perfect sense. Like I said, it all depends on your math.

Red Flag #2 Claiming Everyone Has To Be Vaccinated For The Vaccines To Work

Okay, this one is just stupid as all shit. It’s like saying in order for polio vaccines to work nobody can have polio. It’s blatant nonsense that further proves something isn’t right with this crap.

To be honest, it sounds more like an attempt to sell a cover story because they know something we don’t. It’s no secret that vaccines can kill. And of course if that happens they’ll need something to blame those deaths on. They will never tell the truth about it, no matter how many people die. You can believe that!

If you get sick, it won’t be from unvaccinated people. You just spent two years with unvaccinated people and lived. Maybe even because you washed your hands and wore a mask. But if you die or get sick after taking the vaccine, it shouldn’t be rocket science.

If you take a vaccine and still have to worry about unvaccinated people, there’s a good chance that vaccine doesn’t work. And if they know it doesn’t work, that’s exactly the type of thing you can expect them to say to cover their asses.

Oh by the way… in case you die from our drug, it won’t be our fault. It will be the the fault of all the people who refuse to take part in our experiment.”

Or they’ll claim there’s new mutations, which is just as nonsensical.

It’s called “coerced manipulation.” Turning one group of people on another in an effort to force some type of desired outcome. It’s a tactic that we use to destabilize other countries for regime change. It also works really well when people fail to recognize it.

Clearly the government is trying way too hard to force a vaccine on people. They have no problem claiming it’s safe but they refuse to be responsible for any damages it might cause. Does that sound like they believe in its safety?

If it’s so safe, why do they have to threaten people to take it? For a disease so deadly you have to be tested to even know you have it? Which part of that makes sense to you?

Red Flag #3 Government Pretending to Care About Our Health

Of course the government cares about our health, right? Not!

Name one time the government, corporations or drug companies have ever cared more about lives than money. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Never. Not ever! They just murdered close to a million innocent people in the middle east for no reason at all other than to steal resources. And they won’t even tell the truth about that.

If health really mattered, do you think they would force drugs on anyone? The fact they claim the vaccine is safe, and people blindly repeat it, shows just how unsafe it really is.

The deaths from prescription drugs that are deemed safe is far higher in one year than the total number of our Covid deaths.

So are we really going to act like drug companies don’t always lie about their drugs being safe when they’re not?

If government & drug companies care so much about saving lives, where’s all the free life savings drugs for diabetes, heart disease and cancer?

More people die from those things everyday. If this is about saving lives, where’s the free life saving drugs?

There’s people dying right now from worse things than Covid. Neither the government or the drug companies are rushing to help them survive. Most people can’t even afford the medicine to save their lives because the drug companies gouge the shit out of prices on life saving drugs. Just like grocery stores gouge prices on healthy foods. And people think this is about saving them from a flu?

“Round Up Weed Killer” is now known to be one of the deadliest products on the market. If they care so much about health & safety then why haven’t they stopped selling it?

If the government cares, why haven’t done anything about it? It’s more dangerous than Covid, yet they don’t care about those deaths. Why?

Because corporate profits come before people. They don’t give a flying f*** how many lives are ruined by corporations and drug companies, as long as politicians receive their lobby money to look the other away.

Let’s not forget that there’s no shortage of shit head doctors that don’t care when it comes to money either.

Corporations have been killing us for years and out government hasn’t given a single shit about it. Now they care? But only about deaths from this specific flu. A flu so deadly you won’t even know you have it without being tested for it.

How in the fuck is that not suspicious?

Could it be possible this whole thing has been intentionally blown out of proportion for some other reason, like a large increase of income for drug company CEO’s?

Red Flag #4 War Crimes /Human Rights Violations

Mass Murder, Illegal Forced Human Experimentation of Chemical Weapons, Vaccines & Drugs on US Citizens, Military and Civilians in Other Countries.

Below you’ll find a report which starts like this… “During the last few years, the public has become aware of several examples where U.S. Government researchers intentionally exposed Americans to potentially dangerous substances without their knowledge or consent.”

One of the incidents they refer to was in 1950, when over 800,000 people in San Francisco were secretly sprayed with deadly germs to see what they would do.

The army surrounded the city in the early morning hours and sprayed the shit out everyone without warning. Poisoning families as they sleep is pretty messed up.

You can read about here.


If you think they stopped doing those things in the 50’s and 60’s, you’re wrong.

Many wars are intentionally started for sinister purposes. The illegal Gulf War was intentionally started for the sole purposes of testing chemical weapons on troops and innocent Iraqi’s without knowledge or consent. The military took it even further by illegally forcing untested vaccines & drugs in violation of human right laws on American troops.

I had a friend die from Gulf War syndrome. When he tried to get help, this same government that infected him said get lost. If that’s how they treat children who supposedly fight & die to protect them, how much do you think you matter?

If you care about your health, I suggest reading this.


Two things you wont find in that, or any other report.

  1. That we start wars just to test chemical and biological weapons. We claim the chemicals come from others, but they come from us.

2. The actual number of people who have died from all those heinous things.

Another biological attack happened in 2001. But I’ll save it for another time.


Red flag #5 The Federal Government Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma

April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing. 168 Dead. 680+ Injured.

There’s been a lot of lies told about this incident. But the truth exists in the form of real evidence.

The government claimed that Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building with a fertilizer bomb packed in the back of a Ryder truck. That’s utter bullshit.

Originally it was supposed to be blamed on Muslims. But white federal agents were caught on multiple security cams from surrounding buildings. so the story was changed to the terrorists being members of a white racist Nazi group angry over the mass murder of innocent people by federal agents at Ruby Ridge & Waco.

As good as those reasons were for people to be angry, it had nothing to do with what happened.

The fact of the matter is, multiple bombs were involved in that attack, and not in a Ryder truck driven by McVeigh, but rigged inside the actual building.

Nobody, including the feds, had expected the media to inadvertently give the plot away in live reports after the other bombs failed to go off.

There you have it. Real evidence of an actual conspiracy front n center.

Three 50 lb bombs which were larger than the one(s) that detonated. I say one(s) because nobody has revealed the number of bombs that went off inside the building.

But it is clear from the damage and blast pattern that a bomb (or bombs) detonated from the inside, blowing the entire face off the building outward into the street.

So now common sense and logic is all we need to figure things out.

We know McVeigh wasn’t the one who put those bombs inside, right? Because clearly he wouldn’t have needed to use a fertilizer bomb in the back of a Ryder truck if he was able to get three 50 lb bombs inside that building.

In fact, there aren’t too many people that could have gotten bombs inside a federal building. Not without the ability to bypass the security measures that every federal building has had in place since the establishment of the Federal Protective Services in 1971.

To get multiple 50 lb bombs inside a federal building and have the time needed to rig them without drawing unwanted suspicion or attention could only be achieved by federal agents. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

And our media willingly lied after having already reported the truth. They changed the story to focus on the lies of our government. The same lying ass government that people now trust.

It’s also proof that one of the greatest of our perceived Liberties, Freedom of Press — 1st Amendment right to report news without the censorship from government, is as phony as everything else in America since the creation of this federal dictatorship had spawned from the deceit of a bankruptcy compact disguised as a Constitution.

The media knows the truth but doesn’t care. They work for them, not us. So they’ll report whatever lies they are told, truth be damned!

Red Flag #6 U.S. & Israel Mini Nuke Attack in New York City — 9/11

September 11, 2001, 9/11. Over 3,000 Dead at scene. 25,000 Injured. Over 10,000 Dead after, and still dying.

I know people will always believe what they want, no matter how ridiculous or impossible it might be. Arguments over 9/11 prove that.

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence people choose to ignore their common sense and defend the government lies. But there is one piece of evidence that proves beyond a doubt that 9/11 was an inside job. Ironically, that evidence comes from one of their own.

FEMA’s Human Remains Recovery Team used GPS mapping to mark the exact location of every body part they found. The map reveals the truth about what really happened to victims inside those towers.

Only 2,752 victims were identified. And the victims weren’t crushed, as would be consistent with a gravitational collapse, but were blown into 12,771 tiny pieces of flesh, found as far as 3,368 feet (10 1/2 football fields) from ground zero.


Total pieces of remains collected was 21,812. The other 9,041 pieces were to small to identify the other thousand victims.

What that means is a thousand adult humans were turned into nothing. People were literally vaporized out of existence, which is not an indication of a gravity related disaster.

Gravity doesn’t blow things into pieces, nor does it hurl them horizontally the distance of 10 1/2 football fields.

FEMA Human Remains Recovery Team GPS Map (white = civilians | red = firefighters/police)

But a gravitational collapse is the excuse our government used to cover up their own mass destruction and murder. And millions of people still believe it.

A collapse would crush victims, all of which would be found. Collapses don’t blow people apart, bombs do.

100’s of cars that were parked as far as 5 blocks away had spontaneously caught fire. Why?

Thousands of windows were blown out of surrounding buildings. Why?

You don’t need to be an expert to know those are not the result of gravity. Those are the results of bombs. Big ones!

19 Muslims didn’t rig the bombs used in those buildings. The destruction New York suffered could only be attributed to mini nukes or hydrogen bombs, which is why so many people are sick and still dying twenty years later.

The peak of those deaths would be around 2020. What better way to hide mass deaths from nuclear bombs than a pandemic to blame them on?

And the FEMA body parts map and torched cars are not the only evidence of bombs either.

The chart below shows an example of seismic wave forms for a known nuclear test vs an earthquake. Notice the difference in p-waves & the length at the very beginning of the red nuclear explosion.

Now look at the length at the beginning of the two large black p-waves on 9/11. They were off the charts. For p-waves to be that large is insane, and absolutely indicative of nuclear type explosions.

People will say experts debunked those theories. That’s bullshit. Liars only lied about them. And who wouldn’t expect them to lie about it?

We can get into all kinds of other issues that prove some type of nukes or hydrogen bombs were used, like the fires burning for 3 months. But the human remains are proof enough.

The real terrorists used the media and Popular Mechanics to lie for them because they know people will be gullible enough to believe any and everything, except the actual the truth.

Those lies were also used to start an illegal war.

In 2000, opium production was at an all time low in Afghanistan.

We show up, murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and by 2008 opium production is at an all time high, up 80%.

Then suddenly we have an opioid crisis of epic proportions in our own country. Does anyone think that’s a coincidence? Because the exact same thing happened with the war in Vietnam.

Red flag #7 Government Mass Shooting

Dec 2, 2015, San Bernardino Mass Shooting. 16 Dead. 24 Injured.

The government claimed the mass shooting in San Bernardino was done by a Muslim couple after at least 6 eyewitnesses in different areas saw the real shooters and gave the same descriptions.

Three tall athletic build white men in black fatigues (what feds wear) armed with machine guns.

One woman was hiding under a desk and saw the three men open her building door and shoot up her office. She was close enough to even see what their guns looked like.

One of the news networks spoke with her over a cell phone, asking her to describe exactly what she saw live on air, which you can watch below.

Watch how they change the story right after she hangs up to claim the shooters were a Muslim man & woman. Right after an actual eyewitness had just told them three tall white men did it.

The Muslim couple were short, not tall. They were murdered by the feds in cold blood just blocks away.

Co-workers and friends who knew the couple stated on t.v. that they didn’t believe the story because there was no way they would have done that.

All the eyewitness descriptions of three white men were completely ignored by the same media networks that spoke with them.

They were aware of the truth but went with the lies anyway. That shows how sick our government and media really are. Not a single shit given about the truth.

Red Flag #8 Government Assassination of an American President/Framing of an Innocent American Citizen & US Marine/Cover Up

November 22, 1963 Kennedy Assassination

Our government claims President Kennedy was killed by a lone crazy assassin named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Horse shit! The same people responsible for 9/11, Israel, was behind the assassination. And they used our law enforcement agencies to frame and murder an innocent citizen & US Marine.

For years our government has worked hard to cover this up, and they still do. But real evidence has been discovered that existed in photos and films, which they are now working hard to destroy.

Below is a screenshot from an early version of the Darnell film, cleaned up. The two gunmen can be seen still in their position. I was even able to identify them through the Moorman photo using facial recognition techniques.

Eladio del Valle & Herminio Diaz Garcia, two Cuban exile members of the CIA’s assassination squad called Operation 40, were positioned directly behind Zapruder, a Zionist with his own ties to Mossad and the CIA.

Out of the tens of thousands of people in Dallas that day, Zapruder was the only person to be in the perfect spot to capture the whole assassination on film, which he then exploited for money right after.

Our government continues to hide their role in the murder of a U.S. president. They even show more concern for the murderers by hiding documents and covering it up.

All of the evidence will soon disappear because people are too brain dead to give a damn.

Brain dead, gullible people are what a criminal government needs to be able to get away with crimes. I can only imagine a vaccine would be a great sneaky way to achieve such a goal.

Red Flag #9 Aiding Abetting Real Terrorists & Their False Flag Attacks & Human Rights Violations

Israeli Terrorism Against Us and Others Around the World

The Israeli government has a long proven record of false flag terrorism against us and others around the world. Yet we do nothing about it.

July 22, 1946, Israeli Zionist terrorists disguised as Arabs planted a bomb in the basement of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem to kill British & Americans and frame Muslims. 91 killed 46 injured.

1954, Israeli Zionist terrorists planted bombs around British & American interests in Cairo, Egypt in order to frame the Muslim Brotherhood. The bombs detonated early and the terrorists were caught.

June 8, 1967, the US government conspired with Israel to set the USS Liberty for attack in order to frame Egypt and nuke Cairo. After 5 hours of fly by’s the Israeli pilots came back in unmarked French fighters and attacked the Liberty with machine guns and napalm for over an hour.

Israeli torpedo boats then attempted to sink the ship and murder everyone on board for another hour and a half, machine gunning American sailors who tried to escape in life rafts.

Another ship heard the distress call. US fighter pilots headed for the Liberty but President Johnson got angry and called the pilots off, which resulted in 34 killed 171 wounded.

The Israeli’s radio communications were heard by other intelligence agencies around the world, including the NSA.

Those agencies all heard Israeli commanders tell their pilots to hurry up and sink the ship before help arrived.

US bombers armed with nukes had already been sent to Cairo and were 10 minutes out when ordered to turn around.

Israel’s failure to murder all the witnesses is all that saved millions of innocent Egyptians from being blamed and nuked.

Both governments then claimed it was all an accident to cover the whole thing up.

Only recently has the evidence surfaced proving it wasn’t an accident. One of the Israeli pilots also came forward admitting he was ordered to murder the Americans and sink the ship.

Other known Israeli false flags include: Tripoli Fake Radio Signals. German Disco bombing. US Marine Barracks attack. Paris Cafe bombing. Pan Am over Lockerbie, USS Cole attack, 1993 WTC bombing and 9/11.

Israel’s Human Rights violations against the Palestinian people have been going on for years and we din’t help. But we have no problem interfering in other business in the middle east.

We claimed we had to protect the Iraqi people from the evils of Saddam. Then we went over there and murdered those people ourselves.

The Israeli’s claim to be innocent victims of Muslim terrorism who simply defend themselves. That’s bullshit. The Israeli government attacks itself to justify attacking & murdering innocent Palestinians and to steal their land.

The chart below shows exactly who the real victims are.

Red Flag #10 Over 30 Million Murders in 50 Years by US & Israel

Over 30 million innocent people have been murdered in the last 50 years by the 2 governments, making them the largest terrorist group on the planet. And they have no problem lying, hiding and pinning it on others.

Edward Snowden tried to do the right thing and protect us from our governments secret crimes and abuses. Now they want to kill him for it.

A government that punishes someone for trying to protect us is not trying to help us.

A government that spends our own money & resources to kill us, lie to us, hide things and deceive us, is against us, not for us.

A government that puts more effort into controlling than helping cannot be trusted. All of these things they did and do is to diminish our rights & freedom.

And those are just a few reasons why we shouldn’t trust them or the drug companies. All damn good reasons too.

That’s our right, just like gullible people have the right to ignore it and let habitual liars and murderers trick them into taking a vaccine through deception and fear.

We see enough “Have you, or a loved one taken this drug?” commercials to know you can’t trust drug companies about safety. And they lie all the time because they don’t suffer any punishment for it.

They don’t care because they don’t have to care. All they do now is fill our lives with bullshit all day long.

Drug commercials are the majority of advertisements we now see.

So the difference between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers is ignorance & gullibility.

Just because the media tells us stories and throws a bunch of numbers on the screen doesn’t make it true. The above proves it.

We have real reasons not to trust those people, more than anyone has to trust them.

If you’re vaccinated then you shouldn’t have to worry about anyone else. Isn’t that the whole point of being vaccinated…to be safe from those who aren’t?

If the vaccines are supposed to help stop the spread of Covid, and hand washing and masks also help stop the spread of Covid, then clearly there’s a choice, right? Unless of course you think theyre lying.

What’s clear now is the vaccines aren’t working, and they’re making all sorts of excuses for it.

Their info shows there’s been three times more deaths since the vaccine came out. Who is stupid enough to ignore that?

If soap, warm water and masks can help stop the spread of Covid, then why take vaccines that aren’t working?

Personally, I think we need a vaccine for gullibility, since none of the above could have been possible without the help and denial of the gullible masses.

That said, I do have an actual plan to help with vaccine hesitance.

Have all the vaccine cheerleaders who vouch for these habitual liars and cheats to put their money where their big fat ass mouth is.

Since they’re so willing to co-sign on safety let them agree to bear all the legal & financial responsibilities for any damages that people might suffer.

Because if all these cheerleaders are so sure about the safety of these vaccines, then they shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right?

Then we can see just how many of these vaccine cheerleaders trust in their own bullshit.

As for me, I’ll stick to the water, soap & masks because I’m not into trusting habitual liars & mass murderers that work harder to lie and hide shit than to be honest and help.

Nor I’m I into trusting gullible people that are easily tricked into believing super stupid shit, like roof fires can collapse skyscrapers.

That’s my choice. That’s my right. Respect it like I respect yours.




i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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izraul hidashi

izraul hidashi

i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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