Is Trump Really The Worst President Ever?

Everyone has opinions these days, but few are based on facts. Maybe because we live in a world where facts now seem like lies, conspiracy theories and negativeness. Regardless of what anyone thinks, or what this presidency (or any religion) say’s, facts do matter. They tell us what we need to know in order to make informed decisions.

When someone lies and hides facts, they’re robbing us of our ability to make informed decisions. Habitually lying is a sign of mental illness, and it shows a complete lack of respect. A person will lie when they think people are dumb enough to believe it. So what does his constant lying say regarding his feelings about this country and his supporters? Clearly he must believe we’re the dumbest people on Earth. And obviously he has 0 respect for his supporters.

And why does Trump still rally so much? Probably because he’s making good money from lying. He charges his supporters to hear him spew nonsensical meaningless bullshit, which they love. They gladly pay to get a nice big taste of his pure grade A bullshit. It’s the laziest and easiest way to make money. A friend of mine said “Man…if we only knew back in high school that you could stand in front of large groups of stupid gullible people and get paid to lie and make shit up.” I told him, “Yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s called politics.”

And though it is true that all presidents lie, Trump has set a global record of epic proportions. More frightening, he may be setting a new precedent. It’s bad enough governments are so comfortable with lying, stealing and abusing their citizens. But the last thing we need is the bar being raised.

There’s no question that Trump is immoral, ignorant and unqualified, which makes him a huge threat to societies everywhere. Yet we keep hearing from his supporters how great he is, and what a great job he’s been doing thus far. But is that really true?

One of the things I personally keep hearing about is, how he’s kept all his promises. Really…. Let’s just see. Thankfully there’s people who keep track of things he say’s and does. Some sites even made it easy enough for Trump supporters to understand.

So as we can see from the above, Trump hasn’t kept that many promises at all. He’s actually broken twice as many than he’s kept. And to make things worse, unsurprisingly, he lies about it all. He brags about accomplishing record feats, but it’s all bullshit.

That’s not to say he hasn’t accomplished anything. And he certainly has broken records. Aside from telling the most lies, his hypocrisy is pretty damn impressive. He’s also on his way to holding a record for the most money wasted playing golf and taking vacations. Both things which he promised never to do if elected.

Also, the large number of women who have accused him of sexual assault is just staggering. Accusations that he calls false. But seriously, are we to believe that each and every one of those women are lying? There’s no way people could be stupid enough to believe that, is there? Oh yeah…, he sure has many accomplishments, only none of them help or benefit us.

Clearly Trump is all talk (except it seems when it comes to sexual assaults). Then he’s all in. But his supporters keep insisting he’s done nothing wrong. “He’s done so much for the country” they say. Well I’ve looked for the supposed accomplishments they babble about. Most of them don’t exist. They’re just fantasy. And the ones that do aren’t even that great. In fact, some are the opposite of great, and down right sneaky. The things he’s done are really great for corporations. But they will have bad affects on us, the people. Especially his supporters.

The one thing that did look good in his favor was his supposed giving up of his presidential salary. But like everything, it’s only a way to make himself look good. What he hasn’t told anyone is how much tax benefits he’ll get on those donations. And the money isn’t given to people, it goes to government. $100,000 to a department he cut millions in funding from. That doesn’t make any sense. And what’s giving a couple $100,000 dollars for someone raking in millions from the side?

He can make that back through one of his useless gatherings. But here’s the kicker about those rallies. At least 10 cities have complained that he hasn’t reimbursed them for services provided by local police and fire departments, totaling more than $840,000, according to a study by the Center for Public Integrity. Imagine that… a con man not paying his bills?!

By the time he’s done, he’ll have milked this country for billions. And trust me, he will leave it in total shambles. His corporate lobbyist friends will have benefited, but the people, including his supporters, are getting screwed. Yet I’m sure they’ll somehow find a way to blame it all on Obama.

Trump is the worst thing that could have ever happened to this country. But there is one country he’s been especially good for. The terrorist state of Israel, which is reaping all the benefits that his loyal followers think they’re getting.

He hasn’t made America great, but he sure did a hell of a job for the 9/11 terrorists that attacked us…Israel.

The truth is, America got played big time. More than usual. But to be fair, it’s easy when you have a country full of people as ignorant and gullible people, like America. We love to think we’re the greatest nation on Earth. But if that were true we wouldn’t support terrorists that have attacked us more than once, like Israel. We wouldn’t owe foreign countries trillions of dollars. We wouldn’t be drugging our citizens until they’re too incoherent to even know or understand what’s going on.

The truth is, America is being beaten from the inside. Our politicians have sold us out for a few bucks. And Trump is making sure we’re finished off. He might not realize he’s doing that, but that’s exactly what he’s doing. Cause he’s too easy to manipulate, like an orange circus monkey. He doesn’t care about America, he only cares about money. And if you think he wouldn’t sell you out for a buck, then you’re an idiot. He’d sell you out for a cheeseburger.

Our government, our entertainment and media industries, they’ve all been infiltrated by the real 9/11 terrorists. They’re the ones who hate us. They’re the threat. And as long as they have a few bucks to dangle in front politicians, we’re all screwed. And Trump, who pretends he’s protecting us by attacking Muslims with his nonsensical & unconstitutional executive orders, let’s the real terrorists in through the front door. On a side note, I’m willing bet that he can’t he even spell Constitution.

His stupidity is exactly why he’s a threat to America. And our enemies, along with his supporters, all think that’s great. “Give him a chance” they said. “What’s the worst that could happen?” If only the majority of Americans cared enough to really look at the facts. If only the majority of people were smart enough too see through his bullshit. We might not be in this fucked up situation now.

So is he the worst president ever? That’s hard to say, considering we don’t know just how bad any of the others were. There could have been one worse. But I doubt it. None of them have shown themselves to be a shitty human, or at least not in public.

But the fact remains, so far he hasn’t done anything that benefits us, the people. And that’s what matters. He didn’t help the people of Puerto Rico, unless you count throwing paper towels at flood victims. Which I don’t. And there’s been lots of people dying recently, because of him. So if you look at the bigger picture…then, yeah. He’s the worst president ever. Hands down!




i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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izraul hidashi

izraul hidashi

i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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