Real Proof That Stanley Kubrick Filmed The Moon Landings

Fu*k You NASA For Lying To All Of Us This Whole Time

There’s no other way to say this… sorry moon believers, NASA has been lying their ass off. And now we have real proof. If this doesn’t piss you off, it should. For years they have been playing with our intelligence. People have gone to their graves believing that we really went to the moon, and NASA still continues to milk it for all it’s worth today.

Mark my words, the more they do, the angrier people will feel when they do finally admit it. And believe me, the day will come when they will have to fess up. The more advanced technology gets the less they’ll be able to hide the truth. With that said….

What you’re about to see is 100% real. No tricks. No gimmicks. No lies. No bullshit. Because I’m not sleazy NASA or the slimy government. I have no reason to trick anyone or lie about anything. And anyone can verify this for themselves.

The photo in which I discovered Stanley Kubrick can be found here, at this official NASA site.

It’s part of the Apollo 17 collection found here.

You may have seen this photo before as it’s subject of another controversy. It’s been said to show a stagehand. As I looked closer at the photo I noticed the slight reflection of several people. When I started adjusting the lighting & contrast a face suddenly appeared. That face belongs to none other than Stanley Kubrick. And in case you’re wondering, yes, that is a stagehand in the photo wearing a white hooded jacket & blue jeans.

Here is the original undisturbed photo before lighting adjustments.

Here is the same photo after lighting adjustments, with Stanley Kubrick now visible.

Now many people have tried to argue that this photo wasn’t real or that it doesn’t show a stagehand, it’s just another Astronaut. Bullshit!

  1. Astronauts don’t have front pockets.
  2. Only two were allowed outside the capsule at a time. If that was another Astronaut that would make three. and;
  3. Astronauts don’t wear blue jeans

It’s a sad fact of life, there are assholes in this world with no moral compass who will lie, trick, cheat & deceive all, just for some benefit. A good majority of those assholes can be found right here in America, many within our own government. That’s something which has been consistent since this land was stolen from the natives.

As disturbing is that is, there are problems far worse. Like the number of Americans who are weak minded & gullible. The fact NASA could fool millions of people with what amounts to ridiculous nonsense shows very few are capable of thinking for themselves. Even scientists & physicists have been fooled by it. That’s scary.

Just watching the Apollo 11 landings makes you wonder how in the hell so many people could have seen it & not noticed all the spotlight movement? Why would there be spotlights on the moon when all the missions were scheduled for the day? There would be no need for spotlights on the moon, but people don’t think and/or just wanna believe.

I spent months analyzing NASA photos and I’ve found some crazy things. Everything from dogs, people, table lamps, really bad photo editing, to some of worst nonsensical mistakes you could imagine.

I’ll share them soon in another post. Until then, look before you speak because you never know what you’ll find. And trying to defend something you haven’t even looked into will only make you look dumb.




i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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izraul hidashi

izraul hidashi

i’m just a young freedom fighter with a rusty ass gauge

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