The Truth About Voting In America

Spoiler Alert… Democracy Doesn’t Exist

Being I was born in 1975, I’ve seen my share of presidential elections. And what I’ve learned is that I don’t really care because it’s all bullshit. I’ve also learned that the majority of Americans don’t care either. Though they like to pretend they do, they really don’t. If they did, they would know how voting really worked by now instead of acting surprised at the same fuckery every 4 years.

This is where shit gets real.

When perceptions of reality are challenged people get angry and reject the truth. That’s because our lives are filled with lies. Crappy people with agendas tell us what they want us to believe, like how great America is. But it’s only great for them, not us.

They claim that this country was founded on greatness. It wasn’t. Seriously… it was fucking stolen to deprive the rights & freedom of others.

Our so called founding fathers, who we’re mentally conditioned to praise, never found anything. They simply copied the British system of fuckery and applied their own twist on its corruption at our expense. The founding father didn’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.

Their deceptive federal Constitution was never about our freedom or rights, it was about theirs. It’s merely a bankruptcy compact between the states (aka the people) and the feds. The real Constitution (Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union) was destroyed rich people who didn’t want to pay their taxes or their debts. So they instead created a new system that would shift all those burdens on to us, the real people, by making us Constitutors. If you don’t know what that is, just look it up.

That’s right… the freedom loving slave owners who cried about their freedom secretly conspired to take ours away. And they did it using well versed fuckery contained in their political & legal language.

The men who established our federal government were not honest or great. They were career politicians and lawyers, no different than we have today. Well.. that’s not entirely true. They were certainly smarter and talked a lot cooler, but still sleazy nonetheless.

Their gift to us was this invasive, abusive, federal monstrosity we now call government. And it wasn’t something that went from good to bad, it went from sneakily corrupt to more blatantly corrupt.

Our federal dictatorship is the product of a 200 year deception that still has us talking about our Constitutional rights & freedom, as if they exist. As if they’re entitlements. In reality those things never existed.

Can you travel without having to pay fees for licenses and passports? Can you choose when to pay taxes and for what? Can you actually track where your money goes? Can you even get away from something as simple as ads and commercials? Can you sue the government for violating your constitutional rights? Sure, you can certainly try. But you get anywhere. Not unless you understand how these things really work.

If you can’t do any of the above then how are you free? If you haven’t noticed, the list of things you can do is growing smaller everyday. I know we’ve all been led to believe we have those things, and it seems to be enough to satisfy most people. But do we really have a system of democracy?

Has the Constitution ever protected you, us, or anyone else other than the corporate & political interests that use it to give themselves immunity for violating all those things that we’re supposed to have?

We don’t even get to choose the president. I know most people can’t see that because they believe the lies. And why not? They sound pretty fucking awesome. Democracy is a wonderful concept, in theory. But is it reality?

To see truth we need to cure ignorance. So what exactly is the truth?

I could simply claim that the electoral college has the only votes that count in America. But that doesn’t prove anything. We can look at the actual language in the Constitution, but that still hasn’t helped the millions of people who do look at.

An example: Millions of people still think you have to be naturally born in this country to be the president. People like Trump made a huge deal out of that false belief by demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate, as if that shit really mattered. It didn’t. It really doesn’t matter at all.

Do you yourself believe that only a natural born citizen can be the president? Probably. And why is that? Because you actually read it or because you heard other people say it?

I can show you just how many people misunderstand the Constitution, which is not an accident by any means. That was exactly the point of the federal Constitution. Its worked for over 200 years. Is till works.

The amendments that refers to both voting and qualification for presidents are found under Article II

ARTICLE II Section 1. Clause 5.

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Now for some odd reason people only see… “No Person except a natural born Citizen” but never see… “or a Citizen of the United States” as if the “OR” doesn’t exist.

So anybody that’s a citizen can be the president, just as long as that citizen has “…attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

See, it doesn’t matter if someone was born here or not. If they’re 35 and been a citizen for 14 years, they can become the president. Or at least they could if the federalists hadn’t rigged the system for themselves. And even then, they still wouldn’t be president unless they took the executive oath under article 6, not 2, like every other president since Washington did it. Which means we’ve never even had a real president. But I’ll save that for another day.

The point is, the number of Americans who actually try to make a big deal about people not being a natural born citizen is ridiculous as hell. A whole damn movement was created for that nonsense.

And it’s same with our right to vote. We have people arguing over the election polls, as if the shit really matters. Claiming the election are rigged after 200 years of that shit… it’s weird to watch. Yes, the federal Constitution say’s we have a right to vote. But it never specifically says what that right pertains to.

It does however specifically say who does vote for president, and it isn’t the citizens. Can you see the intentional fuckery yet?

ARTICLE II Section 1. Clause 2.

“Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.”

What the hell are they talking about? Who gives a damn how many Senators Representatives are in a state? Why would it matter if our states are part of a union? No one is choosing a president for their state. It’s for the union of all the states. So basing electors on the number of people, or senators, or legislators, or representatives in any one state means nothing.

It has no bearing on a legitimate voting system. If America was three states with 1,000 people in California, 20,000 in Texas and 5,000 Wyoming, that’s 26,000 people in America. 26,000 people to get to vote. The most votes win.

Give Texas 26 electors cause they have more people, and 1 elector to California and 5 to Wyoming… that’s not voting. That’s cheating.

It’s nonsense used to strip us of our right to interfere with their grand plans for perpetual nepotism. All presidents are related. Not by accident or coincidence, but by a well thought out scheme. And they even admitted it in the preamble of their Constitution.


We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

We already had a Constitution. They were supposed to amend it. Instead they closed the doors and conspired in secret to destroy and replace it with their own. And then they made themselves presidents, vice presidents, governors, senators, mayors, judges, justices, generals, colonels, legislatures, ambassadors and more importantly… electors.

They secured all of the things we’re supposed to have for themselves, and their families (posterity). That was their reward for helping the King trick us into submission and maintain control without us ever realizing it.

If you don’t believe it I can completely understand that. How could you when you’ve been told bullshit your entire life. Do you know what the United States Social Security is? It’s tribute. Not for or the government but for the Queen of England under House Resolution 1778, the year we got shafted.

Look where the document for our Social Security system is located.

Believe it or not, everything we’ve been and told pure bullshit. And voting isn’t difficult. In fact, it’s actually pretty straight forward. At least everywhere else but here. All the people vote for something. That something with most votes wins.

There is no complicated subtraction, division or multiplication involved. It’s simple addition. How many people are in each state doesn’t matter if everyone is voting for the same damn thing.

If everybody in America is voting for an American president then let them vote as Americans, not as state citizens. Add that shit up. There’s no need for electors unless you’re cheating and the people don’t count.

Our beloved founders didn’t trust us to control their system of nepotism. Point blank.

They just allow us to go through the motions of make believe to keep us happy, and it works. After 200 years of evidence to the contrary we still feel like we’re part of the process. But our votes aren’t designated to elect a presidents. The fact they designated our votes the “popular vote” should have been a red flag.

That’s not democracy. A democracy is where everyone gets a real vote. Not a pretend vote.

1 person= 1 real vote.

The federalists didn’t want us to have presidential voting power. They wanted that for themselves to assure their posterity. We don’t choose the electors, they do. They used their federal Constitution to strip us of our right to vote for presidents and gave it to themselves. And they did it in the sleaziest way possible to assure no one would believe it even if you told them.

I’m not making any of this shit up. The lawyers and politicians wrote it into their federal Constitution. They stated our right to vote shouldn’t be abridged or denied, then abridged and denied our right to vote. LOL

Yeah, we have a right to vote. But for what? You can vote for whatever the hell you want, just as long as it isn’t for a president or vice president.

The right to choose a president was given specifically to electors, not citizens. Anyone holding federal office can’t be an elector, but they never said anything about holding state office. LOL It’s typical sleazy lawyer & politician bullshit.

President and vice-president =chosen by electors.

Electors =chosen by senators.

Where the fuck do we fit in? We don’t.

“We the People” doesn’t mean that. It means the State (legislators).

It doesn’t say “We the Citizens.” Patrick Henry’s June 4, 1788 speech is by far the most important speech in all of American history because it exposed that very bullshit.

Think about this. When you get a speeding ticket the court will send you a summons that says “The People of the State of “Your State” vs ”Your First & Last name.”

Who are the People? The ones suing you. How can you be the People if the People are suing you? You’re the defendant. The People are the plaintiff. Whose name are they using to sue you? The State. Who writes the state law you’re accused of violating? The Legislatures. The People are the State Legislatures.

Honest men didn’t write the federal Constitution. Career Politicians & Lawyers did. And they did it in secret. Political language and legalese are the tools of Politicians & Lawyers to trick and deceive.

The act of bribery is illegal, right? Only if you let someone accuse you of it. If you use political language and call it Lobbying then you’re fine.

Our vote doesn’t count because democracy doesn’t exist. It never did because the federalists took it. And the proof is in our past elections.

Let’s look at the 1824 election. Jackson wins both electoral and popular vote. John Adams wins the presidency. Wrap your head around that.

1876 election. Tilden wins the popular and electoral votes. Hayes gets 20 unknown votes to put him up by 1 electoral vote for the win.

1888 election. Cleveland is chosen by the people. Electors say fuck the people and choose Harrison instead.

2000 election. Bush loses. Twice if you count 2004. Still elected. Twice. Why? Electors said fuck your vote.

2016 election. We all know that fuckery. A habitual lying circus monkey is elected president, because the electors choose presidents, not citizens.

And that is America. Fake, fraud, false and fucked. If you don’t believe it just ask the Native Americans.

The men above who lost could have won every single one of the peoples votes and it still wouldn’t have mattered.

Do you understand what I just showed? One person sent me a message because he looked up how the above happened, and he found an excuse for every single one. Did he really expect not to find any excuses?

The 2016 election could have looked like this …

I can guarantee it still wouldn’t have mattered.

That’s how America works. Our government will go to any extent to get what they want. They’ll lie, trick, deceive, assassinate a president, murder citizens, fake major events, stage terror attacks, even fake a pandemic if that’s what it takes to achieve some goal. Because they convince themselves their crimes are necessary evils for the greater good. But it’s bullshit. It’s for them. For control. For money. For power.

I can show proof that America never won independence and is still British owned. I can show proof that the moon landings were faked. I can show proof that Oswald was innocent and show who really shot Kennedy and from where. I can show proof 9/11 was an inside job, and proof that the federal Constitution is a bankruptcy compact that took our freedom.

And so can anyone else, including you.

Why? Because the proof for all of those things really does exist.

Would anyone believe it? I doubt it. That’s intentional by design. Make people gullible so they believe anything and everything except for the truth.The term Conspiracy Theories works to keep people from believing those things..

For years I’ve said that if gullibility were a disease this whole planet would be on lock down. Someone must have heard me because I’ll be damned if the challenge was accepted.

But I won’t let that stop me, and neither should anyone else.



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